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Prices for auto parts for OPEL are quite low because we aim to make the best offers in the Internet.

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Opel cars are produced by the same-name German company for more than 120 years: the first car was manufactured in 1899. Since 2017, the company is a part of the French concern Groupe PSA. The manufacturer employs 35,600 people. The cars are produced at 10 factories located in 6 countries. The company pays much attention to the development of technologies in order to make the vehicle as reliable and safe as possible.

Technical specifications of Opel cars

One of the most famous and interesting developments of the German company is the blind spot monitoring system called Side Blind Spot Alert (SBSA), which was awarded the Euro NCAP Advanced 2014 prize. It helps the driver to prevent collision when changing lanes: this very situation causes about 10% of all road accidents. The system uses ultrasonic sensors which warn the driver about danger by turning on the warning lamp mounted on a door mirror. So, if another vehicle is in the “blind spot” zone and the driver intends to maneuver (i.e. turns on the direction indicator), the warning lamp will start blinking. This system is installed on the Adam and Corsa hatchbacks, Astra hatchbacks and estate cars, Cascada cabrios and Zafira Tourer compact MPV.

Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL) system received the same award a few years earlier, in 2011. Its main function is to illuminate blind corners. It helps to avoid about 15% of serious night-time road accidents on corners in Europe. The system is installed on many models of the make: Signum, Astra, Mokka X, Crossland X, etc.

Intellilux Matrix headlights consisting of 32 controlled LED elements are the next generation of the AFL system. They illuminate corners even better. The lighting range of the headlights reaches 400 metres. At the same time, the system prevents blindness of oncoming drivers.

The FlexRide adaptive chassis used in the Insignia hatchbacks and estate cars, as well as the Insignia Grand Sport liftbacks, is one of the latest developments of the company. The suspension has 3 basic operating modes. It adapts to your driving style easily and detects up to 11 driving modes. The system is sensitive to the slightest changes. Dampers can be adjusted up to 500 times per second. Car parts for Opel models with this suspension are more expensive than the standard ones, but it is a reasonable price for perfect ride smoothness and excellent steerability.

The cars of the latest production years, such as the Grandland X crossover, are equipped with other useful technologies: the Lane Keeping Assist system, which smoothly returns the car to the road in case of unintentional lane departure, and the driver’s fatigue monitoring system, which analyzes driver’s behaviour and emits a signal in case of a danger. all spare parts you need for your vehicle

Many car owners around the world buy spare parts for Opel cars from us. And that’s because we offer affordable prices, user-friendly catalogue, fast order processing and prompt delivery.

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Bulb, spotlight | original OSRAM 66140 purchase on-line Parts Details
  • Product line: XENARC ORIGINAL
  • Bulb Type: D1S (gas discharge tube)
  • Rated Power [W]: 35
  • Voltage [V]: 85
  • Socket Type: PK32d-2
  • Condition: New
In stock
OSRAM Bulb, spotlight 66140
Bulb, spotlight D1S (gas discharge tube), 35W, 85V (OSRAM, 66140)
Article №: 66140
£ 43,65
£ 61,48**
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
Timing Belt Set | original GATES K045563XS purchase on-line Parts Details
  • Product line: FleetRunner™ Micro-V® Stretch Fit®
  • Part number of the recommended special tools: STT-1
  • Observe technical data
  • Condition: New
In stock
GATES Timing Belt Set K045563XS
Timing Belt Set (GATES, K045563XS)
Article №: K045563XS
£ 52,00
£ 73,24**
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
Sensor, boost pressure | original BOSCH 0 281 002 845 purchase on-line Parts Details
  • Condition: New
In stock
BOSCH Sensor, boost pressure 0 281 002 845
Sensor, boost pressure (BOSCH, 0 281 002 845)
Article №: 0 281 002 845
£ 34,25
£ 48,24**
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
Spark Plug | original DENSO K20TT purchase on-line Parts Details
  • Product line: Nickel TT
  • Spanner Size: 16
  • Spark Plug: 1 - Earthed Electrode
  • Thread Size 1: 19
  • Tightening Torque [Nm]: 22
  • Diameter [mm]: 14
  • Weight [g]: 43
  • Condition: New
In stock
DENSO Spark Plug K20TT
Spark Plug Spanner size: 16 (DENSO, K20TT)
Article №: K20TT
£ 3,18
£ 4,48**
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
Window Regulator | original MIRAGLIO 30/1983 purchase on-line Parts Details
  • Fitting Position: Left
  • Operating Mode: Electronic
  • Number of Doors: 2
  • Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: without electric motor
  • Combi Switch Function: with comfort function
  • Window Regulator: Single Rail Window Lift
  • Condition: New
In stock
MIRAGLIO Window Regulator 30/1983
Window Regulator Left, Operating Mode: Electronic, without electric motor (MIRAGLIO, 30/1983)
Article №: 30/1983
£ 48,96
£ 68,96**
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
Parking sensors kit | original VALEO 632202 purchase on-line Parts Details
  • Supplementary Article/Info 2: with sensor
  • Height adjustment from [cm]: 40
  • Chemical Properties: Paintable
  • DIN / ISO: 17386
  • Mounting time from [in hours]: 3
  • Trailer Hitch: without parking assist deactivation
  • Parameter Programming, PPS (parking assist): with parameter programming PPS
  • Parking assist activation: with acoustic warn function, with radio muting, Activation optional through switch, Activation through reverse gear
  • Parking assist sensor reflection angle: Sensor reflection angle: 0 to 5 degrees
  • Height adjustment to [cm]: 65
  • for vehicle width to [m]: 2,2
  • Quantity: 8
  • Range to [m]: 1,7
  • Range from [m]: 0,1
  • Rated Voltage [V]: 12
  • Mounting Type: mounting
  • Gauge: with LCD colour display
  • Vehicle Equipment: for vehicles with towbar
  • Sensor Type: Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Colour: Black, Mat
  • Fitting Position: Front and Rear
  • Weight [kg]: 2,08
  • Condition: New
In stock
VALEO Parking sensors kit 632202
Parking sensors kit with sensor, Front and Rear (VALEO, 632202)
Article №: 632202
£ 131,15
£ 184,72**
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
Glow Plug | original BERU PSG006 purchase on-line Parts Details
  • Supplementary Info: PSG
  • Overall Length [mm]: 179,95
  • Thread Size: M9x1,0
  • Voltage [V]: 4,4
  • Spanner Size: 12 mm
  • Glow Plug Design: with pressure sensor, after-glow capable, Pencil-type Glow Plug
  • Fitting Depth [mm]: 35
  • Connector type: 4 mm PIN (PSG)
  • Rated Current [A]: 8,5
  • Tightening torque to [Nm]: 10
  • Tightening torque from [Nm]: 8
  • Cone Pitch: 93
  • Failure Moment [Nm]: 22
  • Condition: New
In stock
BERU Glow Plug PSG006
Glow Plug PSG, Voltage: 4,4V (BERU, PSG006)
Article №: PSG006
£ 98,66
£ 138,96**
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
Bulb, spotlight | original OSRAM 64193 purchase on-line Parts Details
  • Product line: ORIGINAL
  • Bulb Type: H4
  • Rated Power [W]: 60/55
  • Voltage [V]: 12
  • Socket Type: P43t
  • Condition: New
In stock
OSRAM Bulb, spotlight 64193
Bulb, spotlight H4, 60/55W, 12V (OSRAM, 64193)
Article №: 64193
£ 2,64
£ 3,72**
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs