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  • Vivaro C Van (K0) 03.2019
  • Vivaro Life (K0) 03.2019
  • Vivaro C Platform / Chassis (K0) 03.2019
  • Vivaro Combi (X82) 05.2014
  • Vivaro Van (X82) 05.2014
  • Vivaro Platform / Chassis (X82) 05.2014
  • Vivaro Platform / Chassis (X83) 04.2003
  • VIVARO Combi (J7) 08.2001
  • Vivaro Van (X83) 08.2001
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  • Cavalier Mk III CC (J89) 09.1988
  • Cavalier Mk III Saloon (J89) 08.1988
  • Cavalier Mk2 Saloon (J82) 09.1981
  • Cavalier Mk II CC (J82) 09.1981
  • Cavalier Mk2 Convertible (J82) 08.1984
  • CAVALIER Saloon 08.1975
  • Cavalier Mk1 Targa 03.1975
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Vauxhall is one of the most famous manufacturers and distributors of vehicles in Great Britain. The headquarters of the company with a long history is located in Luton. Today, this firm is a subsidiary of the French automobile holding Group PSA.

The history of Vauxhall: do you know that...?

  1. The company was established in 1857 by Alexander Wilson, was first called Alex Wilson&Company and produced marine engines. In 1863, Andrew Betts Brown acquired it and started to manufacture travelling cranes, and changed the company name to Vauxhall Iron Works. Later, Brown switched to the production of vehicles.
  2. The brand logo with the image of a gryphon is the coat of arms of Falkes de Breautė, the soldier who was granted the Manor of Luton to the south of the Thames for services to King John in the XIII century. The house that Falkes built there was called “Fulk's Hall” later and then “Vauxhall”. When, in 1905, the production facilities of the company moved to Luton, its owner Betts Brown decided to use Breautė’s coat of arms as the brand logo.
  3. The first car of the marque, the 6HP was manufactured in 1903. The car was fitted with a single-cylinder engine and chassis made of steel and wood.
  4. The Ten-Four model made in 1938 became the first British car with a unitary construction body, independent torsion suspension and hydraulic brakes. The motorists of Great Britain liked the new product: 10,000 vehicles were sold during 5 months.
  5. The most successful car of the Vauxhall marque became the Cavalier model which was first manufactured in 1975: during 20 years of the production, nearly 1,800,000 units of the model were sold. Today, Cavalier is the fifth best-selling car in Great Britain.

Specific features of the Vauxhall vehicles

All Vauxhall vehicles are characterised by elegant design as well as by a high level of safety. It can be proved by the high Euro NCAР rating: during the tests of 2017, the Insignia model received five stars in the category “The Safest Family Car”.

The range of economy models of this make was developed specially for driving in a big city. The Viva, Adam and Corsa are fitted with a city mode button which makes steering easier to manoeuvre faster and more accurately, and the Parking Assist System warns timely the driver of the obstacles around. Besides, the Vauxhall cars are characterised by one of the safest and most advanced driver assistance systems, the innovative premium function called Vauxhall Eye. It recognizes and displays speed limits and traffic signs, warns of lane departure, shows the distance to the car ahead and many others.

You can buy Vauxhall parts on our website inexpensively. Our competent support service team are always ready to help you to choose a suitable component and place an order.

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Vauxhall parts catalogue

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Bulb, spotlight | original OSRAM 66140 Parts Details
  • Product line: XENARC ORIGINAL
  • Lamp Type: D1S (gas discharge tube)
  • Rated Power [W]: 35
  • Voltage [V]: 85
  • Socket Type: PK32d-2
  • Light Design: Xenon
  • Colour Temperature [K]: 4300
  • Condition: New
In stock
OSRAM Bulb, spotlight 66140
Bulb, spotlight 85V, 35W, D1S (gas discharge tube), Xenon (OSRAM, 66140)
Article №: 66140
£ 36,47
£ 49,96**
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
Timing Belt Set | original GATES K045563XS Parts Details
  • Product line: FleetRunner™ Micro-V® Stretch Fit®
  • Part number of the recommended special tools: STT-1
  • Observe technical data
  • Condition: New
In stock
GATES Timing Belt Set K045563XS
Timing Belt Set (GATES, K045563XS)
Article №: K045563XS
£ 84,30
£ 115,48**
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
Sensor, boost pressure | original BOSCH 0 281 002 845 Parts Details
In stock
BOSCH Sensor, boost pressure 0 281 002 845
Sensor, boost pressure (BOSCH, 0 281 002 845)
Article №: 0 281 002 845
£ 43,98
£ 60,24**
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
Spark Plug | original DENSO K20TT Parts Details
  • Product line: Nickel TT
  • Spanner Size: 16
  • Thread Length [mm]: 19
  • Spark Plug: 1 - Earthed Electrode
  • Tightening Torque [Nm]: 22
  • Diameter [mm]: 14
  • Weight [g]: 43
  • Condition: New
In stock
DENSO Spark Plug K20TT
Spark Plug Spanner size: 16 (DENSO, K20TT)
Article №: K20TT
£ 3,10
£ 4,24**
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
Lambda Sensor | original DENSO DOX-0109 Parts Details
  • Product line: Universal fit
  • Thread Size: M18x1.5
  • Cable Length [mm]: 750
  • Number of Poles: 4
  • Quality: OE
  • Weight [g]: 103
  • Condition: New
In stock
DENSO Lambda Sensor DOX-0109
Lambda Sensor (DENSO, DOX-0109)
Article №: DOX-0109
£ 34,49
£ 47,24**
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
Glow Plug | original BERU PSG006 Parts Details
  • Supplementary Info: PSG
  • Thread Size: M9x1,0
  • Length [mm]: 180
  • Voltage [V]: 4
  • Spanner Size: 12 mm
  • Glow Plug Design: with pressure sensor, after-glow capable, Pencil-type Glow Plug
  • Fitting Depth [mm]: 35
  • Connector type: 4 mm PIN (PSG)
  • Current Strength [A]: 9
  • Tightening torque to [Nm]: 10
  • Tightening torque from [Nm]: 8
  • Cone Pitch: 93
  • Failure Moment [Nm]: 22
  • Condition: New
In stock
BERU Glow Plug PSG006
Glow Plug Voltage: 4V, PSG (BERU, PSG006)
Article №: PSG006
£ 89,03
£ 121,96**
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
Bulb, spotlight | original OSRAM 64193 Parts Details
  • Product line: ORIGINAL
  • Lamp Type: H4
  • Rated Power [W]: 60/55
  • Voltage [V]: 12
  • Socket Type: P43t
  • Light Design: Halogen
  • Colour Temperature [K]: 3200
  • Condition: New
In stock
OSRAM Bulb, spotlight 64193
Bulb, spotlight 12V, 60/55W, H4, Halogen (OSRAM, 64193)
Article №: 64193
£ 2,89
£ 3,96**
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs
Suspension Kit, coil springs | original EIBACH E10-65-013-02-22 Parts Details
  • Registration Type: with roadworthy certificate
  • Axle load front axle to [kg]: 1075
  • Axle load rear axle to [kg]: 860
  • Towed Weight [kg]: 925
  • Vehicle Equipment: for vehicles without leveling control
  • Product line: Pro-Kit
  • Tuning: 1
  • Condition: New
In stock
EIBACH Suspension Kit, coil springs E10-65-013-02-22
Suspension Kit, coil springs (EIBACH, E10-65-013-02-22)
Article №: E10-65-013-02-22
£ 130,47
£ 178,72**
incl. 20% VAT, excl. delivery costs