Inlet valve

Inlet valve belongs to the category of gas exchange valves, which supply the cylinders with air in a diesel engine or a mixture of fuel and air in a gasoline engine. Therefore, a channel or multiple channels open in order the unburned mixture completely or with small losses to leave the cylinder. At the same time inlet valve is subjected to less thermal stress than the exhaust valve, as compared to the exhaust gas air or mixture temperature is lower. The cylinder chamber in other cycles of the gas exchange must be sealed as opposed to inlet and gas exchange channels.

The power necessary to open the valves is transferred by a dished pusher, pusher rod, rocker arm or camshaft rocker before it reaches the bottom exhaust valve piston and upper inlet valve (dead centre). This is the measure that helps quickly to increase the gas intake and run out. Inlet valve may be closed by maximum 2 springs so that gases can flow. An inlet valve consists of a shaft and a plate with a milled chamfer of 45 °, sometimes with a smaller angle. The chamfer exactly fits the valve seat that is closed in the ring cylinder head.

Typically, the temperature in the inlet valves reaches 500 ° C and in the exhaust valves 600 ° C but not higher than 700 ° C. The valves open and close with a maximum speed of over 50 times per second. Because of high loads and corrosion inlet valves are made of chrome, silicon and steel. Sometimes the valves wear out and it is necessary to replace them. Visit our online store where you will definitely find not only valves, but also camshafts, brake shoes or oil filters for all popular car brands. Convince yourself of our quality products and the most competitive price.

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