Tie rod

Tie rod is a pendulum support. In general this term is used only for the pendulum support that is situated between the stabilizer and the axle guide. However, all the pendulum supports are also named tie rods. Unfortunately, car parts makers do not have one single official version. Take this into consideration when ordering car parts. Tie rod consists of a metal rod with floating bearings on the both axles. Thereby they can transmit forces acting in the longitudinal direction. Tie rods can not take either torques or side forces.

Tie rod provide the wheel springs to operate better. This ensures a comfort driving. Safety also increases as the vehicle composure improves. Especially this effect is obvious on a rough road. Because of a mechanical impact tie rods can wear in course of time. This results in game that can be felt by rattling on rough roads. As a rule, it is necessary just to replace the worn out bearing. Sometimes, it is required to replace the whole tie rod. Ii is easier to substitute the tie rod if disassembling the wheel.

Since the installation of a new tie rod often entails great difficulties, only an experienced mechanic should replace the rod. It is even better to trust the substitution to a specialized repair shop. To save on repair costs you can order cheap, but quality spare part in our shop. With the help of a search function you will easily find baggage compartment, condenser, fuel pump, clutch disk, crankcase, steering pump, master brake cylinder or another high-quality car part. Or just look through our catalogue of spare car parts.

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