HAZET 6391-12 Torque wrench 2 Nm, DINENISO6789-22017 L: 124 mm

Article №: 6391-12 Manufacturer: HAZET
Torque spanner HAZET 6391-12 for BMW, VW, AUDI, MERCEDES-BENZ, FORD
Use number: HAZET 6391-12
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Head Height [mm]: 17
Length [mm]: 124
Tripping accuracy ± [%]: 2
Effective Length [mm]: 102
Net weight [kg]: 0,15
Head Width [mm]: 22
for article number: 2597, 2597-2/5, 6413-1, 6420B, 6420C, 6609C-E10, 6609C-E11, 6609C-E12, 6609C-E14, 6609C-E16, 6609C-E18, 6609C-E20, 6609C-E22, 6609C-E24, 6450C-7, 6450C-8, 6450C-9, 6450C-10, 6450C-11, 6450C-12, 6450C-13, 6450C-14, 6450C-15, 6450C-16, 6450C-17, 6450C-18, 6450C-19, 6630C-7, 6630C-8, 6630C-10, 6630C-11, 6630C-12, 6630C-13, 6630C-14, 6630C-15, 6630C-16, 6630C-17, 6630C-18, 6630C-19, 6630C-21, 6630C-22, 6612C-10, 6612C-11, 6612C-12, 6612C-13, 6612C-14, 6612C-16, 6612C-17, 6612C-18, 6612C-19, 6612C-21, 6612C-22, 6408, 6408-1, 6401N, 6402, 6403, 6401-1, 6402-1, 6403-1, 6401-1S, 6402-1S, 6403-1S, 6430C, 6450C/7
maximum tightening torque (+5 Nm) [Nm]: 12
Tightening Torque [Nm]: 2
min. actuation force [kg]: 1,7
max. actuation force [kg]: 10,1
Condition: New
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  • BUNDESWEHR: 5120123383918

HAZET 6391-12 Torque wrench 2 Nm, DINENISO6789-22017 L: 124 mm for your car