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Brake Disc 8020584212677 BREMBO
BREMBO Brake Disc
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Diameter [mm]:
The diameter of the brake disc determines the working surface area of this part, its efficiency, endurance and heat transfer characteristics. The larger the diameter, the greater the performance of brake discs.
Brake Disc Type:

Based on the presence of ventilation ducts brake discs can be ventilated and unventilated.

  1. Unventilated brake discs have one piece metal construction without ventilation ducts between the working surfaces.
  2. Ventilated brake discs have special channels for ventilation between the working surfaces, preventing the braking system from overheating. This type of brake discs better withdraws heat and provides high performance and stability of the braking system.
Perforated / Vented
Centering Diameter [mm]:
This specification depends on the design features of a particular car model.
Number of Holes:
This specification varies based on the design features of a particular car model. The minimum number of holes is 3. Maximum number of holes for attaching the brake disc is determined by the load on the suspension system of the vehicle.
Brake Disc Thickness [mm]: 25
Depending on the model, brake discs may be equipped with perforations. These are special holes on the working surface of the part. Perforation ensures effective heat elimination from a brake disc surface during braking, and contributes to cleaning of the disc surface from waste friction material of the brake pad.
Minimum thickness [mm]:
This value is essential for timely replacement of brake discs. Upon reaching the minimal thickness, the brake disc must be replaced with a new one. A brake disc which is worn to the minimum thickness has a low durability level. This may lead to deformation and destruction of the part.
Height [mm]: 49,5
Tightening Torque [Nm]: 120
Machining: High-carbon
Supplementary Article/Info 2: with bolts/screws
Tuning: 1
Condition: New
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  • DELPHI: BG3953C
  • FERODO: DDF1305
  • JURID: 562277J
  • MINTEX: MDC1706
  • PAGID: 54205
  • TEXTAR: 92120500
  • TRW: DF4464S
  • VALEO: 186806

BREMBO 09.9772.1X