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Article №: GE105 Manufacturer: BERU
BERU Spares: ISS Glow Plug Art. Nr: GE105 for car
Glow Plug - BERU (GE105) buy cheap online
BERU Glow Plug
  • BERU 4014427081906 Glow Plugs Voltage: 4V rating
  • BERU 0100266011,GE105 Glow Plug Voltage: 4V use the experience
  • BERU GE105 Glow Plugs Test
  • Glow Plug Voltage: 4V from manufacturer BERU 4014427081906 up to - 70% off!
  • BERU Number of article GE105 Glow Plug ISS Prices
Product line: ISS
Thread Size:
The glow plug thread size depends on the engine design.
Length [mm]:
The length of a glow plug depends on the engine design.
Voltage [V]:
Based on voltage there are two types of glow plugs: 12 V and 24 V. The voltage of glow plugs depends on their type and application. In order for an engine to work correctly, glow plugs must be chosen according to voltage characteristics.
Spanner Size: 8 mm
Glow Plug Design:

Some glow plugs are designed to afterglow. This specification allows glow plugs to continue heating fuel a few minutes after the plug is turned off. Glow plugs with afterglow function withstand significantly greater loads than conventional glow plugs.

Some glow plugs are designed with self-regulating specification. They are equipped with regulating coil which during the temperature increase regulates the intensity value of the heating coil by increasing electrical resistance. Once the right temperature is reached, it can autonomously maintain the heating level and protect itself from overheating.

after-glow capable, Pencil-type Glow Plug
Fitting Depth [mm]:
Installation depth of a glow plug depends on the engine design.
Connector type: 4 mm PIN
Rated Current [A]: 25
Tightening torque to [Nm]:
The maximal torque of a glow plug is determined by its manufacturer. This figure should not exceed the specified value, as this may cause deformation of the body and the loss of its working efficiency.
Tightening torque from [Nm]:
The minimal torque of a glow plug is determined by its manufacturer. This specification should not be less than the specified value, as this can cause depressurization of the combustion chamber.
Cone Pitch: 93
Failure Moment [Nm]: 20
Condition: New
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TecDoc equivalents
  • BorgWarner (BERU): 0 100 266 007
  • BOSCH: 0 250 403 006
  • DENSO: DG 194
  • FEBI BILSTEIN: 34828
  • NGK: 6286

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