Stabilizer bar is a device in the vehicle suspension. It is a steel rod installed on the axle of the vehicle. It serves to reduce sideways movements when cornering. The independent suspension that is used in modern cars should be properly balanced the car to remain in horizontal position when cornering. The most important parameter of the stabilizer is its rigidity that may differ depending on the car model.

There are also stabilizers rigidity of which can be adjusted using an electric motor or a hydraulic control. So, you can adjust the chassis according to the situation. Such technologies are mainly used in special vehicles. Usually stabilizer fails because of connecting elements. Corrosion of metal or mechanical shock damage the stabilizer and it malfunctions. Crash when cornering or driving a rough road is a sign of failure. An accident can also be the reason of faultiness. In any case it is necessary to replace the stabilizer as soon as possible. It is dangerous to drive with a faulty stabilizer. In this case you will expose yourself to an increased danger.

In many cases it is impossible to repair the stabilizer, it must be replaced. It is not difficult to do as its construction is simple. Pay attention the stabilizer to fit you car model. Stabilizer will be quickly replaced at the service station. If you search spare parts for you car, we advise you to visit our internet shop. We sell brake shoes, steering knuckles, pendulum supports, stabilizer bars, tie rods, damper struts, wheel bearings, rear-view mirrors, air filters, clutch bearings and many other spare car parts.

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