Article №: 302041 Manufacturer: VALEO
302041 VALEO FIRST Brake Pad Set, disc brake
Brake Pad Set, disc brake - VALEO (302041) buy cheap online
VALEO Brake Pad Set, disc brake
  • VALEO 3276423020414 Brake Pads FIRST, Front Axle, incl. wear warning contact, with anti-squeak plate rating
  • VALEO 302041 Disk brake pads FIRST, Front Axle, incl. wear warning contact, with anti-squeak plate use the experience
Quantity Unit: Axle Set
Supplementary Info: FIRST
Fitting Position:
The brake pads of a disc brake are used on the front and rear axles of the car. The front pads are under  bigger load than the rear pads, for this reason they have a larger working surface.
Front Axle
Wear Warning Contact:
Presence of a wear sensor depends on the model of brake pads. The sensor signals about the critically low thickness of brake pads and a need to replace them.
incl. wear warning contact
Height [mm]: 74,9
Height 2 [mm]: 73,4
Width [mm]:
The width and height of a brake pad define the brake pad working surface and thus its efficiency, endurance and heat transfer characteristics. The larger the width and height, the greater the efficiency of brake pads.
Width 2 [mm]: 155,3
Thickness [mm]:
The thickness of the brake pads consists of the metal base thickness and the friction lining thickness. It depends on the manufacturer and the model of brake pads. The thickness of a friction lining and its composition directly affects brake pads working lifespan. Since brake pads constantly interact with a brake disc while in operation, the friction pad wears off.
Thickness 2 [mm]: 19,5
WVA Number: 23467, 23468, 23469
Inspection Tag: ECE-R90
Weight [kg]:
The weight of brake pads affects the value of the total unsprung vehicle weight. An increase of the unsprung weight leads to a decrease of suspension elements endurance.
Supplementary Article/Info 2: with anti-squeak plate
Warning Contact Length [mm]: 200
Brake System: TEVES
Condition: New
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  • A.B.S.: 37416
  • ATE: 13.0460-7236.2
  • BOSCH: 0 986 494 107
  • BREMBO: P 85 081
  • DELPHI: LP1913
  • FERODO: FVR1642
  • FTE: BL1870A1
  • LPR: 05P1526
  • METELLI: 22-0552-3
  • NK: 224761
  • REMSA: 1045.11
  • ROADHOUSE: 21045.11
  • TEXTAR: 2374602
  • TRW: GDB1555
  • ZIMMERMANN: 23746.185.1

VALEO 302041