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Article №: BHN262E Manufacturer: TRW
TRW Spares:  Brake Caliper Art. Nr: BHN262E for car
Brake Caliper - TRW (BHN262E) buy cheap online
TRW Brake Caliper
Brake Caliper Type:

There are two types of brake calipers:

  1. Brake caliper with floating bracket consists of a bracket and a cylinder body attached to the inner side of the wheel. One or more pistons are installed in the cylinder's body. When braking, the piston pushes the second pad located in front of it.
  2. Brake calipers with fixed structure consist of a body and working cylinders symmetrically arranged on either side of the brake disc. The body is firmly attached to the knuckle of the front or rear suspensions. When braking, the pads push against the disc simultaneously on both sides.
Fist-type Caliper, Brake Caliper with integrated parking brake

There are two types of brake calipers based on material they are made from:

  1. Cast iron brake calipers. They have a high level of durability.
  2. Aluminum brake calipers. The main advantage of this type is a low weight.
Cast Iron
Diameter [mm]:
The diameter of brake caliper depends on the brake disc diameter and its location in relation to the vehicle's axle. Load level for brake calipers mounted on the front axle of the vehicle is higher so they require a larger diameter.
Manufacturer Restriction: NBK
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Paired article numbers: BHN261E
Observe technical data
Condition: Remanufactured
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TecDoc equivalents
  • APEC braking: RCA195
  • ASHUKI by Palidium: M450-01NEW
  • BENDIX: 692879B
  • BLUE PRINT: ADM54518
  • BOSCH: 0 986 474 041, 0986474041
  • BREMBO: F24063
  • BUDWEG CALIPER: 342005
  • DA SILVA: ET0924
  • DELCO REMY: DC72005
  • DELPHI: LC4467
  • ELSTOCK: 87-0010
  • ERA Benelux: BC52005
  • FERODO: FCL692879
  • FTE: RX309804A0
  • GIRLING: 7103262
  • HELLA: 8AC 355 380-061, 8AC355380061
  • HELLA PAGID: 8AC 355 380-061
  • JURID: 692879J
  • NK: 2132102
  • QH Benelux: BC51072
  • REMSA: 9009442
  • REMY: DC72005
  • SPIDAN: 402005
  • TEXTAR: 38032600
  • TRISCAN: 8170342005
  • UBD: 52895

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