Bow compasses

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Compasses are used for drawing circles and defining the size of car parts. The base of the device is two legs connected with a hinge. One of them is used as a supporting element and the other one is taken aside to the required distance.

Compasses: 5 important facts

  1. These devices differ depending on the intended purpose. For example, there are divider calipers, the design of which features two sharp working elements. They are used for defining linear dimensions and transferring them from the drafting to the workpiece. Scribe compasses have a drawing element. It can be a pencil lead or an instrument for drawing with ink. Besides, there are tools fitted with a clamp for attaching a regular pen or pencil. Scribe devices are used for creating circles and arcs on car parts.
  2. Calipers are used to find out the length, width and diameter of parts. These are measuring instruments with curved working parts. Models with outward-facing legs are used to take measurements of recesses and holes from the inside. In the catalogues, there are devices with hook-like functional elements. They grip the part from outside to find out its external dimensions.
  3. Reduction compasses can help to divide a circle or a line segment into parts without a ruler, transfer the measurement to the drafting using a required scale. They have legs with sharp tips on both ends. When long legs are pulled apart, short ones move aside to a particular distance as well. It depends on the settings of the hinge.
  4. You shouldn’t store the device with legs open. Besides, in order to avoid damage, it is better to keep it in a case.
  5. When using the tools, basic safety guidelines should be observed. For example, you shouldn’t forget that you may get injured by a sharp needle point if being uncareful.

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