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Axle suspension/final drive auto parts: Propshaft / PTO Shaft

The driveshaft is responsible that turn of the car wheels will not be accidental, and will be smooth and uniform at the wheel hub. A wheel bearing is composed of two rings, the inner and the outer ring. Three types of wheel bearings are the most common: radial ball bearing, annular hearing and tapered roller bearings. Wheel bearing carries not only the weight of the car, but also the force of the wheel axle suspension.

Driveshafts are constantly exposed to heavy loads during vehicle operation. Problems with driveshafts can occur suddenly, but this situation is very rare. In most cases, errors or defects occur as a result of wear and tear. The skilled and experienced driver knows his car very well and he listens to the sounds of car. Problem wheel hub bearings emit noise while driving. This is especially typical when driving on a curve road: for a left turn you can hear the sound on the right wheel and vice versa. Another striking sign of a wheel bearing wear is a moving (vibration) of the wheel perpendicular to the car. So you can "feel" the game of the wheel bearing. Especially if the vibration is observed at the case when you don’t push the brake.

If a part is damaged, it must be replaced. But this work is not suitable for amateurs. For removing and installing the wheel bearing you need special tools. Moreover, it requires strong physical effort. It is unlikely that a hammer or other tools are suitable for this work. If you need some care parts, you'll find it in our shop. Here you can find a horn, rear shock, flange, electrical, driveshaft or other car parts.

Propeller shaft failures

  • the part deformed or was damaged as a result of mechanical damage;
  • centre bearing failed;
  • the gap in the cross-piece appeared;
  • free movement of the component slip joint part;
  • constant velocity joint jammed;
  • splines are damaged or worn out;
  • components bearings are damaged or worn out.

Signs of Propeller Shaft failures

  • grease leakage;
  • gearbox makes strange noise when starting;
  • the car vibrates when driving;
  • extraneous sounds are heard when accelerating;
  • gears are changed with difficulties.

Causes of PTO Shaft failures

  • component fixations are loosened;
  • the shaft is operated longer than it is recommended;
  • the shaft is installed incorrectly;
  • driving on low-quality roads;
  • aggressive driving style;
  • the car starts sharply regularly;
  • the shortage of oil or its complete lack in the system;
  • seals are damaged;
  • the system is soiled or foreign particles got into it;
  • the part disbalanced;
  • coupling and shaft marks do not coincide.


If visual inspection revealed that the shaft is damaged, it is necessary to perform detailed diagnostics at the service station.

It is necessary to diagnose the component every 40000 operational kilometers. First of all check whether the part is disbalanced, and whether there is enough lubrication in the system. If ordinary transmission oil is used, it should be added every 10–15 thousand operational kilometers with the help of special syringe.

Component lifetime period is meant for about 300000 operational kilometers. However component lifetime period depends on operation conditions: aggressive style of  driving and low-quality road surface can significantly reduce it. If one doesn’t perform technical inspection regularly, the shaft can come to fail already in 120000 operational kilometers.

Repair and replacement of PTO Shaft

You need special tools to repair or replace the shaft. In most cases the component is disbalanced. If the shaft is located in system irregularly, it can result in the reduction of service life of the related mechanisms. Thus the balance of the shaft is restored within each planned technical inspection.

It is important that the marking was followed because of incorrect position the shaft can be deformed. Normally component power transmission angles are to be 0–20о.

The shaft is to be replaced if it was considerably damaged as a result of mechanical impact, or lifetime period of the spare part expired. It is necessary to install a new part only at service station.

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