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Article №: N245-02B Manufacturer: NEOLUX®
NEOLUX® Spares:  Bulb, indicator Art. Nr: N245-02B for car
Bulb, indicator - NEOLUX® (N245-02B) buy cheap online
NEOLUX® Bulb, indicator
  • NEOLUX® 224671117628771176287 Bulb, indicator R10W, 12V, 10W, BA15s rating
  • NEOLUX® N245-02B Bulb, indicator R10W, 12V, 10W, BA15s use the experience
  • Bulb Type:

    According to cap and bulb size there are following types of direction lamps:

    1. T – mini cap lamp (ex. T 4 W)
    2. R – lamp with 15 mm cap and 19 mm diameter bulb (R 5 W)
    3. P – lamp with 15 mm cap and 26,5 mm max diameter bulb (P 21 W)
  • Voltage [V]:
    Direction light bulb voltage depends on an on-board power system. 12V lamps are used on most present-day cars; 24V lamps are typical for lorries and special vehicles.
  • Rated Power [W]: 10
  • Socket Type:

    The following letters are used for direction lamp cap type identification:

    1. P – flange lamp;
    2. BA – lamp with pins, situated symmetrically to each other;
    3. BAY – lamp with pins where one of them is shifted height along;
    4. BAZ – lamp with pins where one of them is shifted height along and radially;
    5. SV – tubular lamp with caps on both sides;
    6. E – lamp with screw cap;
    7. W (before figure) – lamp with glass cap.
  • Quantity: 2
  • Condition: New
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  • NEOLUX® - OE-R10W
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