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Article №: 24-32201001-4-PCS-MS Manufacturer: MASTER-SPORT
MASTER-SPORT Spares:  Brake Caliper Art. Nr: 24-32201001-4-PCS-MS for car
Brake Caliper - MASTER-SPORT (24-32201001-4-PCS-MS) buy cheap online
MASTER-SPORT Brake Caliper
  • Fitting Position:

    There are two types of brake calipers according to their location:

    1. Front axle brake calipers. Load level of brake calipers, which are mounted on the front axle of a vehicle, is higher and therefore the size of the part is larger.
    2. Rear axle brake calipers.
    Front Axle Left
  • Quality: PP
  • Condition: New
£ 10,75
£ 14,72**
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  • LADA - OE-2101-0350118-100
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  • LADA - OE-2101-3501181
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  • FENOX: X4814C6

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