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MG is a British car manufacturer that since 2005 belongs to Chinese company Nanjing Automobile Group. After MG Rover Group had declared itself bankrupt in 2005, the concern collapsed. For several years after bankruptcy MG cars were produced only for Chinese market. But since 2010 MG6 model is sold in Europe. Though the company didn’t manage to reach economic successes, MG still has a good reputation both in England and in Asiatic regions.

It is not a problem to get parts for the latest MG models. But it is harder to find the necessary parts for older models. As a rule, parts for this brand are available in service centres, but their price is very high. Dealers’ prices are quite lower, but this is not the only place where you can buy auto parts cheaper. In our web-shop prices for MG parts are lower then dealers’ prices. When you find the best offer in our web-shop, you may immediately order MG parts.

It is very easy to make the order and it doesn’t take much effort. It is necessary just to indicate what MG model parts you need. This information is enough to find and order necessary parts for MG. In our web-shop that has a wide assortment you will find parts of high quality for Porsche, Volkswagen, Rover, BMW, Subaru, Nissan, Smart and many other well-known car brands. Some minutes later after the search, every car owner can calculate how much he can save.

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